• Candidates Forum

    This year the Chamber will again sponsor a forum for local candidates. We are soliciting questions from chamber members for the forum. Below you will find the criteria for questions; the legislative affairs committee will select three questions for each candidate group. We may edit questions for clarity, but intend to bring questions to the candidates in a form as close to what is submitted as possible.

    The three offices are: Water Board, Rancho Cucamonga City Council, and Mayor. Please specify which candidate pool the question is for.

    Questions should be:

    1. Specific to issues for which the office has authority. For example: do not ask the mayor or city council about changing a county regulation or state law, they have no authority to change or interpret these rules. Another example would be asking a water board candidate when the drought will end. That question is ³above their pay grade².

    2. Broad enough to impact the community. Please avoid questions that are specific to you and your situation. You may submit a question where you use a personal situation as an example of a broader issue.

    3. Do not direct a question to a specific candidate, or to incumbents only. All candidates for a given office will be presented with each question.

    The Forum is on October 7th at 7:00 pm and will be held at Central Park on the Northwest corner of Baseline and Milliken.

    Please submit questions by October 1st. Questions may be e-mailed to jim@ranchochamber.net.